The Uncompromising Vision

June 25 2024

The Uncompromising Vision
The Uncompromising Vision
When you do something truly authentic, it's crucial to embrace it fully. This means committing wholeheartedly to your vision and believing in the value of your creation. Authenticity is a rare and precious quality, and recognizing it in your work can be incredibly empowering. By embracing your true self and unique perspective, you distinguish yourself from the crowd and lay the foundation for genuine, impactful work.

Once you have embraced your authenticity, pursue it confidently and trust yourself before listening to critics. Critics will always have their opinions, but your inner voice and confidence in your work are what matter most. Trusting yourself means having the courage to stay your course, even in the face of skepticism or negativity. By prioritizing your judgment and intuition, you can navigate challenges and remain true to your authentic self, ultimately creating something that resonates deeply and stands the test of time.

We’ve received considerable criticism and negative comments regarding our "Deadliest Drug Collection." Despite this, we are proud to have used our passion to raise awareness about the fentanyl crisis devastating our cities. Many retailers chose not to stock this collection, believing the subject matter is too sensitive. However, no amount of money will ever compel us to dilute our art or compromise our message.


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