"Fuck Them Stores!"

October 04 2023

"Fuck Them Stores!"
"Fuck Them Stores!"
We intend to release a collection highlighting the devastating impact of fentanyl on communities. At Gifts of Fortune, we tragically lost two childhood friends to fentanyl overdoses, making us acutely aware of this national crisis. Despite concerns from our representative, who suggested toning down the fentanyl-themed designs due to potential store objections. We told him "fuck them stores!" We firmly believe in using art to shed light on important issues. We reject the notion of prioritizing commercial interests over addressing a pressing problem that affects countless lives. For us, creating art is about taking a stand for righteousness, even when it involves confronting uncomfortable truths. Our focus has always been on telling a meaningful story rather than catering to mass appeal for financial gain.

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  • Dope Versache: October 06, 2023
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    This is dope! I like that you guys always express your art. Everything y’all drop is art! This one is really meaningful it’s out there and ppl need to be careful.

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